A home is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll make in your life. So before you get started looking at homes and imagining yourself in them, do some homework.



Use this Buyer’s Guide to Help You

as You Hunt for that Home of your Dreams


Determine How Much You Can Afford

How much house you can afford is largely dependent on how large a mortgage (home loan) you can handle. Our website offers a mortgage calculator that will help you! But better yet! Give us a call and we will pre-qualify you or have someone pre-qualify you ASAP! We highly recommend that you become pre-approved for a mortgage before you even start house hunting. This will tell you exactly how much you can afford and will make the closing process faster.

Getting pre-approved makes you more attractive to sellers, they know they won't have to wait days or even weeks before you. They will know if you'll get the OK for a home loan. Purchasing a home involves more than just making sure you have enough money to pay the mortgage and property tax. You'll also have to be sure you have enough money at hand for what are known as closing costs. Closing costs are usually 2-3% of the purchase price.


Shop for a Home

Our unique and exclusive Buyers’ VIP Program has allowed our buyers to benefit from having the most up-to-date information on homes all across different brokerages, as well as homes you may not find online.

Understanding what you are exactly looking for, as well as knowing what you qualify for are a few of the factors that can help us ensure your success when looking for a home. Taking only a few minutes to schedule a FREE orientation with one of our associates to know more about the process of buying a home, how our VIP program works and to allow us to know with more detail what it is you are looking for, will ensure a smoother process and get you closer to a successful home purchase.





Find a Real Estate Professional...That's where I come in...

Picking out someone who has the experience to guide you through the process, knows how to handle negotiations, and is able to keep clear and consistent communication with all parties is crucial to your success and minimizing the stress of not knowing what to expect or being able to make educated decisions. The Karp Realty Group thrives at educating, negotiating, and communicating with our clients.

To find out what our clients are saying check our Testimonials or speak to one of our associates, contact us today by calling us at 619-254-0334.

Get Prequalified For A Home Loan


There are a variety of mortgage types available today, each with advantages and disadvantages depending on how long you plan to live in the home, the financial marketplace, and your income potential, among other things. A fixed-rate mortgage is the most common. In a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest rate and payment stay the same for the life of the loan.

Most people who decide on a fixed-rate mortgage usually, choose one that has a term of either 15 or 30 years. An adjustable-rate mortgage usually starts out at lower interest rates and lower monthly payments than fixed-rate mortgages, but your rate and monthly payments may rise and fall based on a financial index. There are also several government mortgage programs available, including FHA mortgages, which are designed to help people who might not otherwise, qualify for a loan. It’s best to talk to me about your best mortgage option. I may refer you to a mortgage broker who can discuss current market financing packages. To help you understand what lenders consider to prequalify you for the purchase of your home please check this video out:




To schedule a FREE Orientation to our Buyer VIP Program with no obligation to purchase, fill out the form here. 

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