Our clients are important to us, here's what they have to say:

  • "Rosa got us the best deal possible in the shortest amount of time possible."

    -- Jimenez Family
    Name: Jimenez Family

  • "The best thing that she did for me was I paid the bare minimum for my end as a buyer. She fought for me every step of the way to help me save money as much as I could or get me a credit as much credit as I could."

    -- Wyatt
    Name: Wyatt

  • "Rosa did a phenomenal job. She found me this house, it was off the market and it's amazing. I couldn't have found a better place without her."

    -- Hailey
    Name: Hailey

  • "One of the main reasons we beat out others for the home was due to the expertise & confidence brought on by The Karp Realtor Group".

    -- Mike & Ximena
    Name: Mike & Ximena

  • "She did her best job to get us about $40,000 below the appraisal value. We love everything that she did for us. We are extremely happy."

    -- Anthony & Natalie

    "Rosa was flexible with her hours. She was able to take us wherever we wanted throughout the county. Even in other counties if we needed to look for exactly what we wanted. Then when we were able to find what we wanted, she did her best job to get us about $40,000 below the appraisal value."
    Name: Anthony & Natalie

  • "She found me the property that I was looking for in a neighborhood I love."

    -- Michael

    "The best thing that my realtor did for me was just having open lines of communication, regardless she was on vacation or taking care of her children, she was always ready to answer my call or answer any questions that I needed."
    Name: Michael

  • "Karp is awesome. We got the house at $26,000 less than another very like home."

    -- Mike

    "I work a lot and they took care of almost everything for me. Let me know what's going on, kept me up to date. Let me choose my communication style so that it works best for my busy workday. I just can't thank them enough. Karp is great at doing everything important."
    Name: Mike

  • "Rosa negotiated really well and we got up to $28,000 in credits. We were able to get the home $30,000 less."

    -- Lili
    Name: Martinez Family

  • "Rosa knew what I wanted and was able to deliver."

    -- Jorge

    "Rosa was awesome! Rosa was looking and checking what was out there that match my needs. I appreciate her for helping me through the process, really getting to know me, and helping me find a home that matches my needs and wants.
    Name: Jorge

  • "Within 5 weeks of our first meeting, we received keys to our dream home"

    -- Carrillo Family

    "We were not even looking for a home, thinking our only viable option was to continue to rent, but my sister suggested we speak with Rosa & the rest is history"
    Name: Carrillo Family

  • "We were willing to start with a fixer home, but instead, Rosa was able to find the home of our dreams"

    -- Rojas Family

    "Thanks to the Karp Team we were able to preview a home before it hit the market, and that allowed us to beat out other buyers. Now, we get to enjoy a beautiful, updated pool home, fully equipped with solar panels, a security system, and so much more than what we could have hoped for"
    Name: Rojas Family

  • "Rosa was able to secure my dream home for $10k below an exact model home and got a few other credits that went a long way for me!"

    -- Lysandra

    "I could not be more excited about my future. Now, I get to enjoy time in a centrally located, great, small, private gated community with a pool, for my children and me."
    Name: Lysandra

  • "In my mind, there's really no competition. No one else exists but The Karp Realty Group"

    -- Cody

    "The home buying process was kinda confusing. You're working on a lot of things that you don't understand but Shannen and The Karp Realty Group made that easy to digest."
    Name: Cody

  • "Shannen made the whole process really smooth!"

    -- Ryan

    "Shannen made the process really easy. She kept an open mind and communication."
    Name: Ryan

  • "They made the process really quick and easy and stress-free!"

    -- Ryan and Keegan

    "Working with Shannen was really easy. She helped clear up any questions that we had. Anytime that we were confused about the process she was there to help us out. The Karp Group was super helpful with handling everything that I wouldn't be comfortable handling on my own"
    Name: Ryan and Keegan

  • "They made it a fun buying process!"

    -- Garrett

    "The Karp Realty Group and Shannen Gillick were very professional at all times, very easy to get a hold of, and had answers every time I got a question."
    Name: Garrett

  • "Rosa was on top of it all"

    Hernandez ~ Garcia Family

    "It's been a tough market and luckily, Rosa here helped us so much. She made sure she found what we needed as a family and what we were looking for. She was able to negotiate and she gave us really good deals. We got some credit from the house, from the loan office and were able to bring it down from the original price which is really really good for us. She was able to get people to fix up the house. There were some that needed some work and she was on top of it all, everything that we needed. I am grateful for that. Thank you Rosa, appreciate it!"
    Name: Hernandez ~ Garcia Family

  • "If we were to purchase another house in the future, we will definitely contact her again"

    -- Jennifer and Jeffrey

    "It's been an amazing experience. Kailey was great in every step of the way and we are very happy to work with her. In The Karp Realty Group, everybody is very responsive and interactive. Kaylie is just outstanding, she's very patient with us. She took into consideration everything that we are looking for and she was able to deliver. She's a very outstanding person to work with. We are very happy to work with her."
    Name: Jennifer and Jeffrey

  • "Rosa was the one who did all the work for me"

    -- Mercedes

    "She was really great, very friendly. She held my hand throughout the entire process, in a way that is really comforting. This concerning process was very confusing but she walks you through everything. Her knowledge base is so wide which increases your trust in her capabilities."
    Name: Mercedes

  • "She did her best and get us the home that we wanted at the price that we wanted."

    -- Cancinos Family

    "I am very happy with Rosa and I will recommend her. We are happy with our new house."
    Name: Cancinos Family

  • "Rosa made our dream come true"

    -- Haro Family

    "Rosa went above and beyond. She's the sweetest and super hands-on in everything. Our hearts' desires have always come true through praying to our Lord and it was He who put Rosa to our path. She has been a great blessing and He never gets it wrong. So even though many of the houses we saw had really high prices, through it all WE WERE ABLE TO FIND OUR HOUSE, OUR HOME"
    Name: Haro Family

  • "We knew she was going to be a good fit for us and we were right."

    -- Betsy and Kazu

    "She was very friendly and started right away, aggressively looking at houses and sending us all sorts of different properties that she thought we might buy. We got turned down on the first house but Rosa helped us out and kept going. We put in an offer to another house and got accepted. Just 2 weeks after we started looking which is more than we can ask for."
    Name: Betsy and Kazu

  • "She made the whole process a lot smoother and easier for us. To understand what was going on, step by step"

    -- J & E

    "She allowed me to call her, text her, email her. She worked non-stop. She would call me on days when I thought nothing was going on. Now we have this which is phenomenal."
    Name: J & E

  • "We got everything that we are looking for at a good price"

    -- Montoya Family

    "She was really good, attentive, very hard working. The market was really high, a lot of people were looking for houses, and the inventory was really low at the time. Rosa worked really hard and she found us this house. We got everything that we are looking for at a good price. They are very personable, and friendly. She's really passionate about her work, she does a good job, and she helped us a lot. We were texting on and off, we were bugging her. She has patience with us and took the time to explain the process."
    Name: Montoya Family

  • "I did find Rosa and she was a blessing!"

    -- Daniela

    "There are all these little things, they are small but important to me. What really made Rosa Karp stand out for me was she was very detailed oriented, she knew exactly what I wanted and we went to go see units with everything that I was looking for inside them. Also, she was very communicative with the sellers and really represented me in the best way possible. I couldn't recommend her more, she's a blessing! I made the purchase, I am now living here. I just want to let you know that if you are looking for a Realtor, Rosa Karp is the one!"
    Name: Daniela

  • "This is the 2nd time that she has helped us out to buy a home, she also helped us sell our home at top dollar!"

    -- Osegueda Family

    "I was very impressed because, at the time of the pandemic, we weren't really comfortable in open houses and people walking to our home. She was able to sell it to the first couple that walk into our home at a top dollar! They gave us the maximum that we are asking. She was also able to help us find this beautiful location in Capitol Valley. 16 acres, beautiful new home. We are super excited and here we are in our dream property."
    Name: Osegueda Family

  • "There's a warm connection. Very familio."

    -- The Rodriguez Family

    "It was a really great experience. It was very easy to talk and get in touch with her. It was enlightening, and we learned a lot. In speaking with Rosa, we learned more about the process and what we should do ourselves to be in a good place to purchase."
    Name: The Rodriguez Family

  • "The communication is there. If I have a question she gets back to me pretty quickly. If I call or text her, she's there"

    -- Justin
    Name: Justin

  • "She did an awesome job in Marketing. We were able to sell the house for 40-50k more!"

    -- Lysandra

    "One of the other things that she was really awesome at was helping me stage the house. The communication was great! Every time I call her she will return the phone call in less than 24 hours. She was responsive all the time. Even in the times that I am emotional, she helped me get to it and get things going."
    Name: Lysandra

  • "As soon as we gave her the ingredients of what we are looking for, she immediately found it!"

    -- Daniel and Barbara

    "Fast and really efficient! It was just a great experience. This was our first time of doing anything like this and it's very useful to have a helping hand... guidance. Every step of the way, she was clear and explained everything that we wanted. Anytime that we have a question, she will know it immediately. And not just Rosa, the whole team has been fantastic. Everyone is knowledgeable, efficient, and honest, that's a hard thing to find."
    Name: Daniel and Barbara

  • "She's always on top of things"

    -- Glenn

    "The best thing that she did was she was very communicative, she would always let me know what was going on while it was going and prepared me for what was coming next as well. In the very competitive San Diego Market, she kept on pushing and pushing for each house that I was interested in until eventually, I got the house that I was most interested in. She has helped all of my friends that I talked to and so far we all have been extremely satisfied"
    Name: Glenn

  • "Rosa made our dream home happen!"

    -- Jhune and Anna

    "From the first time we met Rosa she took the time to walk us through the process and what to expect. Today I can say Rosa did all that she said she would and because of it, we were able to secure the BEST home we could have imagined possible within less than a week of starting our search!"
    Name: Jhune and Anna

  • "They work around your time schedule which is amazing"

    -- Daniela

    "I would definitely recommend the Karp Realty Group. They listen, first of all. They know exactly what you are looking for. They get you to those houses. They work weekends. They work around your time schedule which is amazing. Communication is also great. If you are a faith believer, the support that you have and the prayer. Just knowing that you are together in this. It's amazing. It's a great feeling to know that you have a brother or sister on your side."
    Name: Daniela

  • "Rosa is a great negotiator. We are walking into $25k in equity on our new build"

    -- Michael & Israel

    "Friends recommended Rosa. Within a week of talking to Rosa, we had options and we put in an offer on our home. The reason why the seller took our offer is that we are working with Rosa.

    We will absolutely recommend Rosa. First of all, she put up with us. I was texting every day, trying to get information every day, emails, and calls. With our hectic schedule, she was able to work around that. She definitely helped all throughout the process and made this a whole lot easier. Within a week, we went from looking to placing an offer. Rosa is a great negotiator. We are walking into $25k in equity on our new build. A good plus, especially in today's market. It's been amazing, she made the whole thing a lot easier and less stressful."
    Name: Michael & Israel

  • "They were very knowledgeable about all the houses that we are looking at"

    -- Jullie and Bryan

    "We are really, really grateful. The house was originally $625k but Rosa and her team only got this house for us for $615k. That's really a great blessing and it really helped us.

    We recommend Rosa's team. Highly recommend. They were very patient with us. They were very knowledgeable about all the houses that we are looking at. They stuck with us till the end. Had to drive all the way from San Diego to Murrieta, Temecula, and Manafee, so they help us because we were looking everywhere. If you need a Realtor call them, we absolutely love them"
    Name: Jullie and Bryan


"Rosa got us the best deal possible in the shortest amount of time possible." -- Jimenez Family
- Jimenez Family


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